Pakej Pertunangan 1 Rm450
-1x Make up
-Baju bertunang

Pakej Pertunangan 2 Rm650
-1x Make up
-Mini pelamin

Pakej Pertunangan 3 Rm850
-1x Make up
-Baju bertunang
-Mini pelamin


Pakej Sanding Rumah 1 Rm900 (Tanpa Pelamin)
-Sepasang baju bersanding L/P (songket/lace)
-1 x Make up
-Aksesori lengkap

Pakej 2 Rm1800
-sepasang baju bersanding L/P (songket/lace)
-Aksesori lengkap
-Pintu gerbang
*ADD ON Backdrop pelamin untuk khemah

Pakej 3 Rm2500
-Sepasang baju bersanding
-Sepasang baju berinai
-2x Make up
-Gaun/ Kot
-2 pasang persalinan
-Hiasan bilik tidur
-Pintu gerbang
-Bunga tangan (fresh flower)

Pakej sewa
-Baju bersanding - rm400 ke atas
-Baju persalinan - rm80 (tambahan dlm pakej hanya rm50)
-Pintu gerbang -rm100
-Aksesori - rm50 keatas
-Bunga tangan fresh flower -rm70
-Pelamin rumah - rm600 ke atas (cas lain utk fresh flower)
-Pelamin dewan - rm2000 ke atas (cas lain utk fresh flower)
-Mini pelamin ( tunang/nikah) - rm450 ke atas
-Bantal nikah - rm30
-Viel kecil - rm30
-Viel besar - rm50

Make Up
-Trial - rm80
-Make up tunang- rm150
-Make up nikah- rm180
-Make up sanding - rm250
-Make up event/dinner - rm80-rm120
-Standby for touch up - rm50

***deposit 20% required for the confirmation. 40% one month before the function and 40% balance upon delivery
***all rates are excluding travel & accomodation charges.

Customers are required to pay the security deposit money (Refundable) to ensure I did not incur any losses in the event of problems caused by customers.. please..